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January 9th, 2010 (03:03 pm)

current location: COLD
current mood: cold
current song: Thom Yorke - The Clock

strange dreams I've had lately:

1. zombie apocalypse in Chicago. Awesome childhood friends ditch me. I join up with a group of Amazonian women.

2. I find out a teacher 'o mine is up to some shady business and she starts threatening me (said teacher also looks suspiciously like the teacher from Bloody Monday). Machine gun boy and a big black man that looks a bit like Samuel L. Jackson with dreads are 'undercover agents' that have been sent to pose as students in the school to investigate. They stick out like sore thumbs and yet no one seems to notice. They spend more time playing basketball and talking to me, than doing any actual investigating. They are also incredibly stupid.

3. There's a mix-up with luggage, and somehow I wind up with Yesung's luggage, and somehow Yesung gets my phone number and calls. The call soon turns into me on one end with all of SuJu on the other. I tell them I don't speak Korean and hang up on them.

4. Zombie apocalypse and I'm with a group of people I have no idea who they are. We have to stop at the concession stand so some dude can get a coke, even though we are about to be killed by zombies. Boy gets his coke, and we head for the roof of this strange building, where we run into creepy boy who claims to be the owner. Creepy boy starts hitting on me. DO NOT WANT.

I am back in the lz. Unfortunately.
Tucson was nice and warm. The drive there was long and uncomfortable, and I wish I'd gotten a picture of the space I had to sit in the back of the Jeep. I literally could not move more than a few inches, the car was so packed full.

Our hotel in Tucson (the only nice hotel, that wasn't motel 6, ya know?) is apparently where all the "important people" stay. It would probably normally be waaay out of our price range, but we happened to get a deal for $86 dollars a night, not bad, eh?

But they charged $10 a day for wireless internet in the rooms WTF? but had free interwebz in the lobby. It was great, sitting in the lobby with my teal hair, converse, backpack and lime green laptop, while all the important people walked passed with their stilettos, fake tan, and Gucci bags wondering what in the hell I was doing at their hotel. Oh people.

I saw a classy little place called the "no-tel motel." I think I'll be staying there next time we're in Tucson. I regret not having my camera on me when I saw it.

You could also tell who all the Arizona natives were, because they all had heavy winter jackets on. Keep in mind during the day, temperatures were in the high 60s, while at night it got down to about 40 at the coldest.

Also, hardly any of my pictures came out decent. DAMNIT.

I got my gift from cherry_kokoro!! 8D
It made my morning. My mom was at the kitchen table with me when I was going through my mail. I was trying to hold off opening it as long as possible in the hopes that she would leave. I had a feeling it would be far too epic/ghei/awesome for her to handle (which it was). srsly I laughed at that card for a good 10 minutes.

Pictures soon to come. I'm too lazy to take them now, plus I'm angry at my camera for fucking up the factory pictures I took. meh. I think I need to come up with a name for my camera. I was going to call him Barnabus, but I think that's a more appropriate name for the goldfish that I do not have/will probably not have for another year, but oh well.

my AZ photoz are lame, hope this makes up for it.

*giggle* OH HAI THAR. I'm just in my....


And there's nothing you can do about it....


What was that?

oh fuck. a taser.

someone get me a life plzkthx