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January 14th, 2010 (01:36 pm)

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I haven't been doing much artwork over winter break. And by 'not much' I really mean 'not anything.'

But I have a plan for either next semester (depending on assignments and such), or over the summer. Maybe I'm crazy, but if not then hopefully this will turn out to be something pretty awesome. Maybe even shit I can sell, who knows. Here's the stuff that's been inspiring me lately:

Or maybe that's not quite right... Perhaps more like new versions of traditional Geishas?
Anywho, over the summer I saw Takashi Miike's Imprint, which was (incrediblyfuckedup) just an okay movie, but visually stunning to watch.


A few days ago I decided to download it and watch it again. Mostly because of my discovery of the movie Sakuran and the fact that it took me about 2 days to download it and I desperately needed something to keep me entertained in the meantime. ahem.
So yes. This brings me to Sakuran...

I like how I started this with talked about Geishas, and so far all I'm talking about are two movies about legit prostitutes. Not even trying to hide it like Geishas haha ooops

Randomly stumbled on this while looking for other movies with Masanobu Ando (aka Hat aka psycho machine gun boy aka pubes). I'm dying to finish watching it, but seriously this has been the movie download from hell. First it took forever to find, forever to download, then it downloaded into 11 different parts (though after looking around some more, I think that's the only way I can download it), then finally, after I though everything had been solved... I get to part 4 and I can't get the fucking subs to work. I was tempted to just finish watching it without subs, but I'm too into the story now ._.
I want to know what happens! Damnit, why don't I know Japanese!! D:

I'm going to try a few different things to get the subs to work, but we'll see what happens... either way, so far it is really interesting and also a very beautiful movie to watch. I WILL FIND A WAY TO FINISH THIS MOVIE.

Random side notes: SO MANY TOPKNOTS D8
also Joslyn - cat boy is in it :3

Recently, I found all of these beautiful vintage photos of Geishas (over at ImmortalGeisha.com... kind of a shitty website, but occasionally some decent information and lots of beautiful pictures.. I just wish they were bigger).

What I was mostly drawn to were what looked like simple headshots of all the different Geishas.


Maybe I just love anything in an oval.
aww fuck my foot completely fell asleep ow ow ow

I also found a number of pictures with two Geishas together, usually holding hands, or at least situated very close together.


For all I know these girls could barley know each other, but I look at them and I think sisters. Or more specifically twins (maybe just because I'm obsessed with the idea of twins. More on that later. much later. maybe never).

Lastly, I've been listening to Bjork a whole lot lately. I'm going to blame my declining mental state on her.

Just kidding. I love Bjork.

Going to raid garage sales, thrift stores, and the like, looking for those shitty paintings (or mirrors) they always seem to sell. Because more often than not those shitty paintings have awesome frames. Triple bonus if those frames are oval.

I want to do a Geisha series, mixing in imagery from movies like Imprint... I refuse to call these girls "modern Geishas" because to me that just means something more like "slutty Halloween costume."

I was also throwing around the idea of trying to create steampunk Geishas, but I don't know how well that would work out.... mixing something that is so traditionally Japanese, with something that is basically completely based on turn of the century Europe, and European fashions would probably prove difficult. I guess we'll see how things turn out.



Posted by: tsukiyami (cherry_kokoro)
Posted at: January 15th, 2010 06:17 am (UTC)

i wanna watch that first movie you mentioned cuz the pic you posted is just awesome O___O

oh and about the geishas holding hands, they might be related but it's very common for Asian women, even today, to hold hands like that so they could just be friends xD although it would be cool if they were twins cuz omg, you have a weird obsession with twins too?!!! you should write about that cuz i'm curious XD

and as for the geisha idea:
i think the frame thing is win. that would be pure awesome.

as for the steampunk geisha...
i agree that it's going to be quite difficult. imposing western culture onto eastern spells disaster most of the time lol XP not to say that you can't do it, but i guess what i'm trying to say is that European clothes have a distinct style that is very recognizable and if you try to blend the two, i think it may come out to be too European-ish? maybe what you can do is do more a regular geisha but like make the frame rly victorian or the background be like steampunkish to give it that feel. i think that might work 8DDD but any way you go about it, i'm sure you'll be able to pull it off cuz you're amazing at art haha xD

Posted by: xjessthemess (xjessthemess)
Posted at: January 15th, 2010 07:28 am (UTC)

aahh yes I love that picture!
I believe you can watch it on asian-horror-movies.com, but the quality is pretty shitty. if you just google search "imprint torrent" you'll find something right away :]
I have to warn you though... the actor that played the main guy was pretty terrible. Luckily he wasn't in it that much. There's also a pretty lovely torture scene that made me slap my hands over my eyes XD ANYWAY let me know what you think if/when you watch it so I can stop rambling before I give anything away.

yeah, I figured they probably weren't really related, but that's just what my mind jumped to. but yes, I'm fascinated by the idea of twins... I'll get around to writing about it sometime hahaha

I'm so tempted to put steampunk and geisha together, just because those are the two things I've been thinking about the most lately (as far as artwork/imagery goes XD). Part of the problem is that I don't even know if I have the right to do it... like, just the fact that I'm not Japanese. I kind of feel like it's not really my culture to mess around with... and especially mixing it with something so European, I don't want to make it look like I'm trying to "westernize" eastern culture, you know? But at the same time, I don't have any problems drawing geishas with more exreme hair/clothes/makeup than anything they would probably ever actually wear... gaaah I don't know, I just keep going back and forth on this! FAIL

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