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xjessthemess [userpic]

semester 2

January 22nd, 2010 (12:20 pm)
current location: MICA, YO
current song: Bjork

It's friday. I have fridays off.
I'm drinking coffee and updating my lj yay!

So my classes this semester are pretty much all things that I think I'll enjoy a hell of a lot more than everything I had last semester, but they also look like they're going to be a lot more work D:

Monday we didn't have school, so I won't have drawing until next week. DAVE! I MISS YOU!
but I know how that class works, and I love it to death, so nothing new there.

Now on tuesdays I have Art Matters, which is pretty much like an art history class. I already feel semi-smart, because I knew the Woman from Willendorf was from Austria (not Germany, like my teacher thought it was haha. Bale, you taught me well! Perhaps AP Art History was not a total waste of time and brain power!)

Also on Tuesdays I have Elements of Visual thinking. There's usually not too much work for that class, but our assignment for this week is to get 1 oil pastel and "do something" with it until it's gone wtf. I'm so lost as to what to do.
I also had to buy color aid paper for that class. SRSLY NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT IT. Or what to use it for. and it cost me $50 even with my student discount and Utrecht card meh. The only good part is that on the way walking there, I stumbled across the best moving truck ever. \



Wednesdays are painting.
Again, it looks like a lot of work, but I think my teacher is going to be a lot of fun though. On the first day of class, we had a worst painting contest. He gave us construction paper, terrible paints, confetti, googly eyes, and plastic paint brushes. We then hung our pieces up and had a "critique." He said the purpose of it was to kind of see what our tolerance was for joking around, as well as giving us an opportunity to make our worst piece of the whole semester, so that everything else we make will be an improvement haha.

For next week I have to get supplies (which I can hopefully lend/steal/get given from people who had painting last semester because oil panting is expensive, DAYUM), gesso paper, and make a color chart thingy. I've never used oil paints before though... oh god. I wouldn't be so concerned if they weren't toxic.

Thursdays = Drawing as Illustration.
The majority of this class seems to be figure drawing. Which is quite possibly the thing that I suck at the hardest.
That's good that I'm taking the class though, so I can improve on it, but still. Until I improve, I look like completely shit compared to everyone else.

My teacher is also kinda crazy. I can't decide if I like him or not. Kelsey has him for drawing and seems to be in the same boat.

For next week I have to do "3-4 hours" of sketch research on a project for Haiti, and "1 hour" of sketch research on an illustrator.


anywhoo.... today I plan on doin' some worky-work then watching You're Beautiful until my eyes boggle out of my head or those stupid songs they play over and over cause me to go temporarily insane and send me on a killing spree through MICA.


Posted by: Sleepless_Suburbia (love_is_vanity)
Posted at: January 25th, 2010 05:01 am (UTC)

LOL i tried to watch You're Beautiful...but I watch EHB before, and there is only so much korean stupidness i can take in one sitting!

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