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xjessthemess [userpic]


December 28th, 2009 (06:37 pm)
current location: meh
current mood: dorky

So recently I've been slightly (very) obsessed with Japanese horror movies (if you can call them that... more like gory, ridiculous, hilarious creations of insanity that freak me out and make me lmfao)

And maybe this isn't so recent either.


So Battle Royale is one of these movies, and I love it to death.

But today I found out that some fantastically ridiculous, and incredibly low budget spoof/tribute has been made. And it's called...

Tokyo 10+01

you better believe I bought that shit off amazon asap.
However after watching that trailer, the theme song has been stuck in my heeeaaad and I really like it meh. And you know how I am with songs. AND THIS SONG CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET WTF SO SAD.

I think the best part is that psycho machine gun killer boy from the original is in the spoof as well, playing some ridiculous character.


best picture ever? I think so.
new favorite psycho boy actor? I think so.

my amazon package should be arriving on wednesday, and it includes Ichi the Killer, Tokyo 10+01, and Spirited Away LOL

xjessthemess [userpic]

OH HAI NEW HAIR (and other updates)

December 23rd, 2009 (09:05 pm)

current location: the lz
current mood: quixotic
current song: The Chariot

Contrary to popular belief, when I first dyed my hair blond/purple/teal, my parents' reaction was....

"....You need more teal."

YEAH WTF. I agreed, but that's besides the point. This coming from my dad who's reaction to my nuclear red hair was...

"Oh fuck."
Then not wanting to comment on it ever again.

So today this happened:


But moooom, you said more teal!

Don't you just love my stupid expression?
I'll get another picture that shows the color better sometime, eventually, maybe maybe not in the not so near future.

I've even got a teal and purple lumberjess shirt to wear for christmas tomorrow so I can be all cute (not) and matchy-matchy. My grandma's gonna kill me.

All of your Christmas gifts are going to be late. Probably considerably. Cuz that's how I roll.
All of my immediate family is getting food from me for Christmas. What does this say about me.....

The truth is I just suck at picking out Christmas gifts for people. I always say I'm gonna give art and then I don't because I start thinking that's really conceded to shove my art on people like they're going to think it's some spectacular gift or some shirt. I don't know. Plus I need to see how much money I have in the bank at the moment to figure out how much I can spend on people. Doesn't that just make you feel loved? I feel like I always end up telling people things they really didn't need/want to know. OH WELL, YOUR GIFTS DEPEND ON MY BANK STATEMENT DEAL.

I would like to buy Ichi the Killer for myself on DVD, but we'll see how that goes after New Year's. I'm especially sad that I can't gift another piercing to myself this Christmas with the upcoming surgery meh.

Maybe I can find a $5 Chinese bootleg of Ichi like my copy of Battle Royale hmmm.....

xjessthemess [userpic]

fucking back pain

October 21st, 2009 (09:09 pm)
current song: Drop - Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

my sketchbook is like brain vomit all over the place and I do my best drawing at night.


xjessthemess [userpic]

everybody needs a little devastation

August 14th, 2009 (01:14 pm)
current location: Takashi Miike overload
current song: Hakkou - ROSSO

The other night I was trying to stay up late to see this meteor shower; partly out of my own curiosity, party because I couldn't sleep, and partly because Jenny kept popping into my room to ask if I'd seen anything yet. She said she was going to set her alarm for 1am, as the best time to see the meteors was supposedly between 12 and 5am. She told me to wake her up if I saw anything.

It wouldn't be too difficult to stay up, seeing as I usually don't go to bed until after 1 anyway. I'm lucky enough to have a huge window, so I rolled up my blind, turned off the lights in my room, and started to wonder how I could entertain myself for the next couple of hours.

How about some horror movies?

As I'm sure most of you already know, I have a... slight obsession with the Crows Zero movies. For whatever reason, there's just something about them that I can't get enough of. I'd been thinking about how much I wanted to rewatch the both of them, although I've been trying to hold off since the only subbed version of Crows Zero II wandering out in the interwebz right now is incredibly low quality. BOO. If I'm going to watch Shun kick some ass, at least let me be able to see his face clearly.

Either way, the point of the story is that I've got Takashi Miike on the brain.
I've got a pile of his film titles stacked up in the back of my mind that I've been meaning to watch. Some for a couple of months, others (like Audition) for a couple of years. It wasn't until recently that I realized I've secretly become a Takashi Miike fanatic without even being conscious of it.

So anyway, thanks to Jenny and some meteors (that I never even saw, by the way), I've decided to overdose on Takashi Miike.

I'm writing responses (because they can hardly be called reviews), more for myself than anything else. If you read them, great. If not, well... the point of writing them was just so I had somewhere to talk about the films. When you watch something as strange/beautiful/nauseating as some of these, you want to talk about it. Er.... write about it. They're written in the same order as I've watched the films.

Spoilers are either left out, or UTC, just in case anyone here would actually like to watch the films and hasn't yet.

It has been years, and I really mean YEARS, that I've wanted to see this movie and just never have, for no particular reason.

So lets be honest here. The first half of the movie is actually, really... kind of boring. I mean, it is interesting. You feel bad for Aoyama, the widower who wasn't een sold on the idea of an audition for a wife in the first place. He seems honest about his good intentions with Asami, who seems not-quite-right for some reason that you can't seem to put your finger on. To me she seemed just a little bit too perfect, and a little bit too emotionless.

Halfway through the movie, Asami disappears and things get weird. A good weird, if slightly confusing. Usually during movies I'm not too squeamish about blood/gore, though Takashi seems to have a talent for sticking just the right things in his movies that make my skin crawl (more on that to come...) First off, the needles. I cannot stand needles. And I know, I know, I have tons 'o piercings. Trust me, they are not easy for me to get. I also bring friends (*coughcougDAREINcough*) so they can look at the needle for me when beadworld man tries to give it to me to look at :D
Either way... the needles is Aoyama's face freaked me the hell out.

Though I'd have to say the thing that disturbed me the most in the movie was...Collapse )
(FYI that wasn't really a spoiler, but whatever. If you plant on watching the movie... much better if you watch it first without know what's going to happen ;)

Overall I thought it was pretty decent. It was definitely interesting; it messed with your mind a bit, and had some good gross-out scenes. A good intro into the world of Takashi Miike films.

ALSO: Asami halloween costume for me this year, y/y?

My reasoning for watching Imprint next was simple - because I happened to see the trailer on YouTube and it caught my attention straight away. Seriously, watch it (and ignore the stupid English voiceover please).

Before I say anything else, let me at least tell you that visually, the movie is absolutely beautiful to watch (in my own opinion). Regardless of everything else I'm about to criticize this movie for, keep in mind that I would watch it again in a heartbeat because of the visuals.

First off, the actor playing Christopher was pretty terrible. And I mean really, really terrible. I think he just got worse as the movie went on, though he really wasn't in the movie enough to bother me too much.

As I said before, Takashi seems to have a talent for putting things that really get me to squirm in his movies. In this one it was Komomo's torture scene. Needles under the fingernails and jammed into her gums so the wouldn't scar her body, followed by suspending her from the ceiling from her foot (which was also tied to one of her hands), during which she pisses herself.
Okay, now I read some of the comments about the movie from the site I was watching it on, and most people seemed to think it was too fake. The 15-20 seconds I saw looked real enough to be before I slapped a hand over my eyes and waited for that shit with her nails to be over. Maybe that was my own damn fault, leaving too much up to the imagination, and the scene wasn't as bad as I seem to think it was. But I'm not about to go back and watch that part again to find out. At least not anytime in the near future. I flip out if my own nail bends the wrong way a little bit, no fucking way am I going to watch that scene without getting a little uncomfortable.

The one thing I just could not take seriously though...Collapse )

I won't say it was enough to ruin the movie for me, but I will say that I wish it had been kept out, or changed a bit.

Two words:

And I do love a good mind fuck.
The gore in this movie is so over the top, it's almost used as slapstick. I would have no idea what genre to even try to put this movie in. It's not really horror, but now really comedy, or drama, or anything else.

What I liked the most about his movie is that there is no clear or correct answer as to who is good, and who is bad. You feel sympathy, fear, and hatred towards most of the characters. Ichi at first seems to be a cold blooded killer, until you see him cowering under a blanket and crying, saying he doesn't want to kill anymore. Though pity for him doesn't last long as you find out he's turned on by rape. Jijii, the man controlling Ichi, is easy to hate, though his intention in making Ichi kill are basically good - he's "ridding the world of bullies" as he tells Ichi.

One character that I really liked (for whatever reason) was Kakihara. He's almost like a lost puppy, looking for his missing Yakuza boss Anjo, and trying to find something to give him pain now that Anjo's no longer around to abuse him. He's seen both torturing others (suspending a man from the ceiling with hooks in his back, then pouring hot oil on him), and himself (cutting off the tip of his tongue as repayment for torturing the man who turns out to be innocent).

I would love to recommend this film, but I know it's not for everyone. You definitely have to have a black sense of humor. So if you can handle the gore, the violence against women, and the twisted sense of humor without screaming, "This movie was made by pigs!!" Then I would absolutely tell you to drop everything and GO WATCH IT RIGHT NAO.

Fun Fact! The semen used in the opening scene of the movie is real! Thanks Wikipedia, I didn't need to know that!

Well, I'm all typed out for the moment. Part 2 soon to follow.
(4.6 Billion Years of Love, Izo, Visitor Q, The Bird People in China.....)

xjessthemess [userpic]


August 9th, 2009 (06:17 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: DIM

I'm currently splayed on my bed waiting for my leftover vicodin-rip-off to kick in 8D
SO I figured I'd entertain myself with a post about everything that made me happy this week, because for whatever reason, things have been good. Not even obnoxious people at work could piss me off today. Why am I so happy???

maybe it's because....


xjessthemess [userpic]

In case you were wondering what goes through my brain on an average day

August 3rd, 2009 (06:01 pm)

current location: I have to pee
current song: something or another

So as I was getting out of my car 5 minutes ago, I couldn't figure out why my hands are shaking so much, but then I realized it could be from the 1 mug of coffee this morning, followed by 2 (large) glasses of iced coffee this afternoon followed my a java monster on my way to my viola lesson because I still felt like I was going to fall asleep. Instead of waking me up all of that caffeine just gave me the beginnings of a headache and the shakes.

One day, perhaps, I'll live long enough to regret my terrible lifestyle choices. Until then I will continue to get little sleep and thrive on coffee.

Seriously though, I have not been able to fall asleep lately, which translates to me being dead tired all day right up until I lay down to go to bed. Then I'm wide awake as can be. In the past at least once I fall asleep I can stay asleep, but now I keep waking up super early in the morning and wind up staring at my ceiling for 2 hours before I can start to doze again.


So on the way to my lesson the truck driving in front of me had a bumper sticker reading, "I wasn't born in the south, but I got there as soon as I could" complete with a confederate flag and everything. Too bad he had Illinois plates on his car. I think someone should tell that poor boy that Illinois is not, in fact, a southern state.

I'm pretty sure my sister spent about an hour and a half popping bubble wrap while watching tv today.

She's back to being a bitch again, except when she wants something from me. I'm surprised she has any friends. As soon as you don't cater to whatever she wants, she turns into MEGABITCHCUNTFACE. It's quite fun to watch, when it's not directed at you.

I need to make art before I lose all drawing skillz.

I love how my parents try complementing things that they obviously expected to hate. Like my dad having sushi/boca burgers/whatever else for the first time:
"You know, I thought this would be disgusting and I would have to pretend to like it for your sake, and go home hungry because they didn't give us enough food, but in fact it's not really that bad!"

I think he really means it to be an actual complement though, not a backhanded one. He usually means well. Usually.

Like today he apologized for my sister and her antics. It was appreciated, but really he's not the one that should have to apologize.

It was supposed to storm on and off all day, but we haven't had any rain.
It kind of makes me sad.... I lead a pathetic enough life where I actually look forward to thunderstorms.

memory update: I'm having an even harder time remembering things and I don't know wtf is going on.
My lack of sleep, perhaps??

Either way, there's a reason I keep leaving my bottle of retin-a out on the bathroom counter, people! I need to remember to refill the prescription, which is not going to happen if I never remember that's it's empty because you keep putting it back in the cabinet!! There's a method to my madness! I swear I'm not just being a slob!

xjessthemess [userpic]

when it comes down to it... I'm a pretty simple girl

July 13th, 2009 (02:19 pm)

current location: WAT?
current mood: amused
current song: THE INVISIBLE WALL - the GazettE

10 STUPID THINGS THAT I CAN'T STAND (in no particular order)

1) Cleaning. EW.

2) Chick flicks. I am a man when it comes to movies. With the exception of my recent downfall - ridiculous Japanese dramas and movies that pull on heartstrings.

3) My shed. It looks innocent enough, right up until you open the door and are met with a blast of hot, grassy air and more spiders that the total population of Chicago.

4) When people take things/food/drink from me without asking. I'll say yes, damnit, just ask!
(with the exception of about... 2-3 people. They can do whatever the hell they want :)

5) Hateful people. If you insist on being a bitch, at least have a reason for it, other than hating your own life and wanting to take it out on innocent bystanders.

6) That clicking sound my dad/sister make when they pick at their nails. Worse than nails on a chalkboard.

7) FEET.

8) When people tell me to do things over, and over, and over, and over, and over......
I get it. Now please stop.

9) When I'm sitting behind another car in a turn lane, and our turn signals never.... quite... synch.... D:


and just to balance things out...

10 STUPID THINGS THAT MAKE ME VERY, VERY HAPPY (in no particular order)

1) Making gaze-jokes with a couple of tards :)
what's worse, the fact that we can actually think up these things, or the fact that they could actually happen?

2) Getting new music. Nothing makes me happier than finding a new band to love and listen to until my ears bleed and my brain spontaneously combusts.

3) Cupcakes. Especially if they're rainbow.

4) Loud music. Very, very loud music. Bonus points if I'm in my car with the windows down.

5) Uruha, Aoi, and Shou.

6) Being able to make kinda-awkward-but-not-too-bad conversation with someone I don't know really well, instead of my usual really-fucking-awkward-kill-me conversation skills. SUCESS!

7) Pictures of factories and abandoned places. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

8) Ninja Fucking Warrior. Better yet, asian tv in general.

9) People who are still willing to talk to me, even after they've heard the stupid shit that comes out of my mouth/seen me look like a train wreck/listened to my bitching/put up with my sometimes questionable taste in music

10) This picture.


Miura Haruma, you are the reason I'm watching Gokusen 3, no matter how repetitive it gets.
I mean REALLY, there's only so much running, then fighting, then proclaiming of, "Don't touch my precious students! Me? I'm they're homeroom teacher!" I can stand. Unless, of course, I can stare at Miura Haruma with bad hair for 11 hours.

I didn't know there's a Gokusen movie coming out! :o
Shun Oguri and Miura Haruma are both in it, but no Jun Matsumoto wtf. I'll probably watch it anyway.
No matter how bad Gokusen is/gets, I'll probably still be watching it no matter what happens haha~

EDIT: I forgot to use my new icon D:

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next time I say I'm going to barnes&noble, slap me across the face and say no

July 7th, 2009 (07:05 pm)

current location: MY ROOM!!!1!!11!!ONE
current mood: complacent
current song: DBSK - Wrong Number

Oh so much to talk about, yet so few things actually happening in my life of any importance.


So Last week (friday, maybe?) I got mah macbook pro! <3
And today we finally got wireless internet.
Which means that I am typing this entry IN MY ROOM. ON MY BED. Not in the depths of my frightening, cold, and spider infested basement.

My mom asked me if I was ever going to leave my room now. I assured her, that since I don't have a toilet, or a stash of food hiding under my bed, I would have to leave eventually. Unfortunately.

So today I broke down and actually went to Barnes & Noble, which I usually try to avoid as much as possible. Not because I don't like it, but because I like it a little bit too much. I'm lucky if I spend less than an hour wandering around and pilling up more books that I want to read but really shouldn't spend all my money on when I'm trying to save up for school.

The reason I went is because while cleaning out my room last week, I found an old book list I had started. On it was Nightwatch, which I don't even remember writing down (or hearing about, for that matter), but was told this year that I should see the movie. I didn't even know it was a book at the time, let alone that I had once meant to read it.
Also on my list was The Nimrod Flipout, by Etgar Keret.
This book I actually remembered reading about in Entertainment Weekly, and after doing a double-take at the author, I realized it was the same guy that wrote Kneller's Happy Campers, the short story that Wristcutters: A Love Story was based off of. I saw the movie a few months ago (which was fantastic, go watch it), and memorized the author's name so I could check out some of his writing.

I must have started this book list... 2 years ago. I should know by now to trust my judgment and just read the fakking books when I first hear of them.

So anyway, I went to Barnes & Noble.

.... and spent $93.89.

What I bought and spent, for anyone who actually wants to knowCollapse )

Goddamnit, I think my boobs grew again D:
Either that or I'm gaining more weight, which is entirely possible.

Today I also got my vaccinations for school. Which sucked. I hate needles, even more so when I don't have an awesome piercing to show for all my pain and suffering.

Let me tell something.

my god, and I thought I hated shots anyway.
The women there were laughing, saying how they were glad that they didn't have to feel that one. It's out of their age range, ah ha ha!

AND I have to get two more D:

At least now I can study abroad without fear of Hepatitis. Yay?


xjessthemess [userpic]


June 29th, 2009 (10:58 pm)
current location: mmm cake
current song: chick habit - april march

I'm currently eating leftover graduation cake. Yum.


So the other day, I finally got arround to watching Death Proof and Planet Terror (Tarantino and Rodriguez's tribute to B movies :p ) I happened to notice that they were on encore on-demand :D while searching for something to watch. My entire family was out for the night, which was good because I was pretty positive this was something they would never willingly watch on their own

Although I have to say, I'm fairly pissed that they decided to release the two movies separate, when they whole point of Grindhouse was to have a double feature B movie experience, complete with fake movie trailers... BUT WHATEVER

I watched it anyway, because Quentin Tarantino = <3 (even with his crazy foot fetish)

I have to say, I thought I would like Planet Terror better being a zombie person, but Death Proof was fantastic. Kurt Russell was hella creepy, and I LOVED the car crash scene, as disturbing as it was (tire to the face LOL). The ladies in that movie kicked major ass.

PLUS Zoe Bell was BA as fuck. She made me want to go round up some friends, get on the highway and hang from the hood of my car.

I think part of the reason I didn't like Planet Terror better was because
1) I had to keep pausing it to chauffeur Jenny's little ass all over the place (she had 3 grad parties to go to and she was drinking)
2) Jenny watched it with me (when she got home) for about 5 minutes before leaving and stating "this is stupid"
3) My parents came home while it was still on, and my dad decided to come watching it with me, RIGHT AS QUENTIN TARANTINO WAS ABOUT TO TRY AND RAPE CHERRY DARLING.
A scene that would have normally made me lmao was just reaaaaaaaally akwaaaaaaard
he left after about 15 minutes, mumbling "I can't believe Bruce Willis was actually in this"

Yes the movie was ridiculous, but it was supposed to be ridiculous, and that's what I think daddy-o didn't get :/

Though the Planet Terror zombies, technically weren't even zombies. They didn't die then come back to life, yo!

freddy rodriguez is a cutie. I forgive him.

xjessthemess [userpic]

Jaw updates. Yay?

April 25th, 2009 (03:10 pm)
current song: Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo - Miyavi

Went to see ANOTHER oral surgeon this morning, and while he seems to have no sense of humor, at least he's incredibly intelligent when it comes to what's going on with my jaw.

So it looks like my eroding/deformed joints have nothing to do with Rheumatoid arthritis, and neither do my fucked up crooked fingers and wrists. He said the problems in my hands probably have something to do with the tendons (since the x-rays of my hands didn't show anything abnormal), and also that I should get it checked out to avoid any long-term problems. Apparently there's some sort of disease that causes the tendons in your hands to tighten and makes the fingers curl, but since I'm only 18 there's pretty much no chance that that's what I have. However, the thing that REALLY pissed me off is the fact that the abnormalities in my jaw may have been cause by the six years of orthodontic work that I've gone through. Fuck that shit. I'm so glad I've had braces for the past six years so it could fuck up my jaw and make this surgery the biggest pain in the ass I've ever had to experience.

But there's good news!

It sounds like this new doctor doesn't have a problem with performing the surgery on me, SO IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. We're going to try and get things moving as soon as possible, so that hopefully I can get it done over the summer.
Because of my incorrect bite, I have to move my jaw out of it's socket when I'm eating in order to bite through things, which is probably contributing to the problem. However, once we get everything fixed there shouldn't be a problem. As of right now, when the do the surgery they're not messing with the joint. The doctor also said that if there are any problems after the surgery, they can always go back in afterwards and either replace the joint entirely (like they would with an RA patient), OR they can take out a hunk of my rib and add that to my jaw.

it's going to take around 8 hours to do (in going with that they're not messing with the joints). He's going to cut through the top jaw (in doing so cut through the nasal cavity) and move that forward and into the correct angel and screw it into place. Then he'll cut through the bottom jaw to slide it forward and screw that into place. Even with this, I'll still have a weak chin/jaw, so he recommended that they also cut off the bottom bone of my chin, and slide that forward and screw it into place (that's the only thing that's REALLY freaking me out). My face is going to be full of screws :D

This is all pretty tentative still, as the other doctors STILL HAVEN'T SENT HIM THE X-RAYS. They keep telling us they'll take care of it (yeah, sure you will). However, I can't imagine that too much will change (other than when I'm actually going to get this stupid thing done).

Blech. and to realize today that it's been a year since we first started talking to doctors to get this done.